In Memorial
Just as long as there are men and women who will give of themselves to serve others in the Ruritan Club, our community, state, and nation will be a better place to live and raise our children.

We will continue to be blessed people just as long as good people keep on doing good things
for others.  Our fellow Ruritans that finished their course on earth this year and
are now in the paradise of God will be remembered in the history of Ruritans by having
their name listed and this memorial dedicated to them.

We thank each family member for sharing his or her loved one with us.  Our prayer is that
you will be comforted knowing that your loved one did not live life in vain but did that which
all that who live Godly should do by giving themselves in the service of others.  Let us resolve
to follow their good example of what it truly means to be a Ruritan.

 Ruritan Members we lost in 2018 are:
Michael Bradersen - Currituck Club
Jimmy Riddick - Nixonton Club
Earl Copeland - Rocky Hock Club
Billy Lee Twine, Sr. - Ryland Club
Harry Lee Winsl.ow - Ryland Club
Jimmy Martin Hare - Ryland Club
Louis Stephenson - South Camden Club​​​​​
Avril D. McCoy - South Mills Club
Carlton Perry - Advamce Club​​​