Secretary Information

In an effort to make the Secretary's life a bit easier in reporting your membership information to National Ruritan, you can click on the page to the right.  The page will open at Ruritan National and then you click the report you need to complete.  When you click the report, a Word document will open.  You just fill in the blanks, save as a new document on your computer.  Then email the saved document to the addresses listed below.  To email the document, simply click on the email address below.  The email will open in Windows Outlook with the email address already on the Send to line.  You attach the file you saved.  Put monthly report or whatever report it is in the subject line.  As the message, simply put your name and Club name and number.  Your monthly, quarterly, yearly report will be sent.

If you need more help in saving or attaching, call Vera Harrell at 264.5467 (day) or 264.2917 at night.  She will be glad to help!!

While you are on the Ruritan National Website, check out the other forms and information available for your use -Officers for the coming year

Registration form for 2016 Convention
Supply Catalog
Blue Ribbon Club
President's Award
 plus many others.  The Ruritan National site has everything you need to know about Ruritan National.  Use it - and if you don't find something you want, email National at
office@ruritan.orgYou should also bookmark the
Membership Management System (type in your browser line: )
for your use in making changes, additions, deletions to your Clubs membership records.

Special Note from National Ruritan - if you are using the membership management website to report changes, additions, deletions to your Club's membership, PLEASE do not mail a report to National.  They have the information when you make the changes on the website.  By mailing a report you are causing them to compare the membership report with what is on the computer because they don't know that the changes have already been made in the computer thus duplicating efforts to get your changes made.  If you use the management system, all that needs to go to National is a check to pay dues each quarter and the new member fee each month you have new members.

Two areas you may want to visit and have information available for your members are:

Insurance Coverage
Supplies from Ruritan National